Occupation in UNDP – Program Assistant, +2 can apply

Area : Provincial Center for Good Governance at Provinces (one in every region), NEPAL

Extra Category : Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding

Kind of Contract : Other

Post Level : Other

Dialects Required : English

Term of Initial Contract : One year with probability of expansion

Expected Duration of Assignment : July 2022

The Provincial and Local Governance Support Program (PLGSP) is the national leader program of the Government of Nepal (GoN) to manufacture institutional, hierarchical and singular limit at all degrees of government, with exceptional spotlight on the common and neighborhood levels. A definitive objective of the program is to achieve utilitarian, feasible, comprehensive and responsible commonplace and neighborhood administration. The Program means to add to conveyance of value administrations at common and nearby levels, advance better neighborhood framework and improve monetary thriving. Over the time of four years, the Program will accomplish 14 yields under the accompanying three results:

• Government establishments and between legislative components at all levels are completely working on the side of administrative administration according to the Constitution;

• Provincial and neighborhood governments have proficient, viable, comprehensive and responsible establishments; and

• Elected delegates and government workers at common and neighborhood governments have the limit and to serve residents agreeable to them.

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration is the official organization of the Program. The seven commonplace governments, the Local Development Training Academy, the 753 nearby governments, and the seven commonplace level instructional hubs (Provincial Centers for Good Governances) are the executing organizations of the Program. The program is upheld by global advancement accomplices, to be specific, the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DfID), the European Union (EU), the Government of Norway, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and the United Nations.

To encourage the common governments in the usage of the Program, a Provincial Program Implementation Unit (PPIU) and a ‘Commonplace Center for Good Governance’ (PCGG) will be built up by every common government. The PPIUs will serve the secretariat of the Program at the commonplace level and will be the connection between the common governments and the Program Coordination Unit at the administrative level. The Provincial Program Implementation Units (PPIUs) will be set up in Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of separate territories. The seven PPIUs are the primary systems to operationalize the program support at the common levels, profiting both commonplace and nearby governments.

The Program Assistants will work with the Provincial Center for Good Governance at Province Level for the successful and effective execution of the program exercises in locale.

Obligations and Responsibilities

Capacities/Key Results Expected

Under the general direction and supervision of the leader of the PCGG Executive Director, the Program Assistant will give essential help with everyday strategic and secretariat support for the usage of the undertaking exercises.

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

The Program Assistant will;

• Provide program and managerial help into organizing program exercises, including supporting project execution officials in readiness of spending plan, masterminding scenes, materials;

• Assist with program related acquisition of administrations/merchandise and guaranteeing adherence to approach and rule;

• Undertake all calculated, regulatory and budgetary game plans required for the fruitful arranging and conveyance of specialized workshops, between office gatherings, board discourses, roundtables, missions, and different occasions;

• Make travel courses of action for the Program Team, including travel demands and claims;

• Compile pertinent foundation materials and gets ready briefs and rundowns;

• Maintain data/databases of task recipients and exercises and give provides details regarding explicit phases of venture usage;

• Provide regulatory help to the executing offices/people in question on routine conveyance and announcing of program bolstered exercises and funds;

• Ensure cost-investment funds through appropriate utilization of vehicle through precise upkeep of day by day vehicle logs, arrangement of contributions to planning of the vehicle support plans and reports;

• Ensure appropriate everyday upkeep of the alloted vehicle through auspicious minor fixes, courses of action for significant fixes, opportune changes of oil, check of tires, brakes, vehicle washing, and so on.;

• Maintain record of office buy products, got merchandise from different sources both extra and non-nonessential things;

• Handle and appropriately keep up the PC, photocopy fax email and different offices accessible in the workplace;

• Processing and follow up to messages, letters, reports and different occupations relegated by Provincial facilitator and Program Coordination Unit;

• Ensure accessibility of all the necessary reports/supplies including vehicle protection, vehicle logs, office index, guide of the city/nation, medical aid pack, and fundamental extra parts in the allocated vehicle; and

• Ensure that every single prompt activity required by rules and guidelines are taken if there should arise an occurrence of contribution in mishaps;

• Handle frivolous money and repayment of insignificant money bills from Program Management;

• Be mindful to keep up every budgetary exchange by keeping appropriate records, solicitations of the normal uses;

• Assist bolster yearly review practice authorized by UNDP and MoFAGA and backing PCGG in legitimate keeping up of organization and monetary framework according to the NIM and the executives arrangement of program;

• Ensure GESI contemplations are fused in the venture exercises and undertaking spending plan is made GESI Responsive;

• Facilitate in making a domain to address GESI issues.

Effect of Results

The key outcomes affect the precise, safe, financially savvy and convenient execution of the program.


Corporate Competencies

• Demonstrates uprightness by displaying the Government of Nepal and UN’s qualities and moral measures;

• Serves and advances the vision, crucial, key objectives of Government of Nepal and UNDP;

• Displays social, sexual orientation, religion, race, nationality and age affectability and versatility;

• Good between close to home abilities;

• Clear and forthright relational abilities;

• Treats all individuals reasonably without preference;

• Collaborates successfully in a group situation;

• Organized and great with following-up on pending issues; complies with time constraints;

• Promote learning and information the board/sharing;

• Focuses on conveying results by going out on a limb and critical thinking approach;

• Fair and straightforward basic leadership; normally shares data with colleagues;

• Actively progresses in the direction of proceeding with individual learning and improvement;

• Displays social, sexual orientation, religion, race, nationality and age affectability and flexibility ;

• Plans, organizes, and conveys errands on time ;

• Participates successfully in a group based, data sharing condition, teaming up and helping out others.

Utilitarian Competencies

• Demonstrate capacity to distinguish and envision bottlenecks, just as look for direction;

• Ability to keep up an elevated level of exactness, classification concerning monetary and representative records;

• Ability to compose and finish assignments inside cutoff times;

• Integrity and fair-mindedness, capacity to work with outside accomplices for example provider, merchants, specialist co-ops;

• Ability to pass on troublesome issues and positions to senior authorities proactively look for direction and clarify suggestions to line directors;

• Dynamic and results-arranged;

• Strong verbal and composed aptitudes; capacity to draft short notices and direct introductions;

• Consistently moves toward work with vitality and a positive, useful frame of mind;

• Remains quiet, in charge and genial much under tension;

• Demonstrates receptiveness to change and capacity to oversee complexities; can perform multiple tasks;

• Willing to work extended periods of time;

• Responds decidedly to basic criticism and varying perspectives;

• Solicits criticism from staff about the effect of his/her very own conduct best expectations of uprightness, tact and steadfastness;

• Actively moves in the direction of proceeding with individual learning and improvement in at least one practice territories, follows up on learning plan and applies recently gained abilities;

• Ability to play out an assortment of tedious and routine assignments and obligations identified with plan of gatherings, office and vehicle upkeep and general organization work;

• Ability to create precise and all around reported vehicle records affirming to the necessary standard.

Required Skills and Experience


• Intermediate Level in Management, Accounts, Economics or related fields

• Bachelor’s Degree will be liked


• Three years of experience for Bachelor’s Degree and five years for Intermediate Level in the field of office the executives including money related administration aptitudes

Language necessities:

• Good Knowledge of English, familiarity with the language of the obligation station

Different prerequisites:

Great directions of PC aptitudes on Microsoft Office (Word, exceed expectations and Power Point and so forth.)

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