Pharmacy Outreach work

How does Pharmacy Outreach work?

In the event that you have patients who are Cigna clients and who meet the criteria for a drug store effort program, we’ll send you a notice letter with the patient’s clinical history. A Cigna Pharmacy Management® drug specialist may call you to talk about the patient’s data.

Precedents and enhancements

These drug store result improvement projects are only three instances of the kind of effort your patients may profit by.

Cholesterol treatment to objective

Individuals who lessen their LDL cholesterol levels may likewise bring down their danger of heart assault. We utilize therapeutic, drug store and research center cases information to help recognize individuals who are taking lipotropic meds, yet who may not be achieving their National Cholesterol Education Program (NCEP) LDL cholesterol targets.

When you converse with your patients, stress the significance of accepting prescriptions as endorsed, just as the significance of normal cholesterol testing through labs that take an interest in their Cigna plan’s system.

Asthma Management

The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute asthma care rules prescribe controller treatment for the vast majority determined to have asthma.

To help avert asthma confusions, we help distinguish individuals who have as often as possible filled remedies for short-acting beta-agonist inhalers, however have not filled medicines for controller treatment. We likewise furnish you with client data to enable you to have an improved treatment picture. Our methodology has had positive outcomes.

Converse with your patients about controlling their asthma by adding controller treatment to short-acting, beta-agonist inhalers when shown.

Gloom Management

This improvement opportunity coordinates information from restorative, conduct and pharmaceutical administrations to help recognize chances to improve part adherence to recommended treatment. The information recognizes open doors for enhancements estimated by conclusion, length of treatment and prescription waste.

Chat with your patients about the significance of holding fast to their recommended course of treatment.

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