Public Service Comission / Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Nayab Subba 2076

Public Service Comission / Lok Sewa Aayog Vacancy for Nayab Subba 2076
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The following is point by point data about the ongoing declaration of:



Source: Gorkhapatra Daily, January 8, 2020

Prologue to Public Service Commission

Open Service Commission (PSC) Nepal, privately known as Lok Sewa Aayog, built up on 15 June 1951 A.D. is the fundamental sacred body associated with choosing praiseworthy applicants required by Government of Nepal for Civil Service Vacancy. PSC is viewed as one of the most valid methods of enlistment. This is referenced in the present constitution of Nepal 2072. The Constitution of Nepal 2072 has viewed the commission as a free sacred body

According to the Article 23 of the Constitution of Nepal (2072), PSC comprises of an acting Chairman and individuals as required. The administrator and different individuals are chosen by the President on the suggestion of established chamber. half of the individuals from this are selected from the government workers who have served for at least 20 than so in the field of government division.

The PSC every year presents a report of its work to the President of Nepal. Further it is sent to administrative parliament for dialog. The commission presents a yearly report on the work done by it to the president. The president puts the report of the commission before the administrative parliament alongside a notice as to the situations where the exhortation of the commission was not acknowledged and the purposes behind such rejection.

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